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Hi there, I'm Phil Gurr. I was brought up in Chulmleigh in the 1960s by George and Elsie Gurr. Although I had a few years at college, then working in London and Scotland, I moved back to Chulmleigh in 1984.

I set up as a business called 'Devon Archival Services' based at 1 New Street which ran until 1991 when our family moved to Exeter to be closer to my workplace.

In the 1980s I copied many local photographs and old postcards of Chulmleigh as well as taking many snaps of the village streets, residents and events. Many of the copies were supplied free to local residents in return for being able to sell prints in our shop.

In early 2019 I decided to start digitising all the collection as I found some prints and negatives were suffering from the ravages of time. I also found it great therapy to help my failing memory! (I have to thank Brian Jennings here for names and dates!).

The collection is not meant to be an exhaustive research tool, many people have the same images and have researched them. It's more about letting folks see them, and indeed purchase prints to hang on their walls.

It's not my intention to make a living from supplying prints, I have tried to cover my expenses, but they have been pretty high as I've been forced to buy two scanners as the negatives range from 35mm, 6x6cm up to some at 5x4inches. Oh, plus a top of the range Espson UltraChrome printer!

At the moment I can supply A4 prints at £10 and A3 prints at £20. this covers a small charge to pay for the kit. I can supply sepia as well as black and white images. I have no idea about postage at the moment!

I do hold the copyright or permission to print copies of most of the images, 80% of the images here I shot. Some I really cannot remember where they came from! (it was 45 years ago!) If you are the copyright holder, please let me know and I'll delete them!

I know some folks will not like the fact that the images are all thumbnails. But I have website restrictions on file size. Let me know if you want to see an image a bit bigger and I'll add them to the 'Featured Image' page for you.

Don't forget to visit the Facebook page!

Thanks for looking at the site and don't hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

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